Where are they now??  HERE'S THE SCOOP!!

 Josh Ray Person is now married, and currently living the civilian life. He works for a company called Sur-Tec, a company that provides intelligence gathering solutions exclusively to law enforcement. He is also an entrepreneur that is working on several other start up businesses.   

Josh jokingly told me that he thinks he should help Evan write a GK part 2...I don't know about all of you, but a whole GK full of Ray Ray wit and wisdom?? That would be amazing.
Josh and his wife reside in Kansas City, Missouri.

Rudy Reyes is currently working for the DOD. He trains other members of the military in combat readiness and prepares them for the perils that they will face. 

Rudy fun fact: He is a comic book fanatic.  He also likes to draw comic strips from time to time.








Eric Kocher is currently working on a book of "ramblings" as he calls them. We will be releasing the full content of that book at it's completion here on the website.  He also has recently purchased a sailboat and is practicing sailing the high seas, and has aspirations to sail around the world. 

Here is a link to some very interesting interviews with Eric Kocher.  Check em out HERE.






Jeff Carisalez is currently working on his career as a stand up comedian. He is performing almost nightly at different clubs in the Texas area. 





Jason Swarr has recently retired from the Marine Corps, and is currently hard at work in his studio at Straight 8 Photography.






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